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[It was a week ago during Tanabata when Elliot arrived in Luceti, when an incident involving a breakdancing guy in a wedding dress totally traumatized this young nobleman. That is definitely not the first thing a guy expects to wake up to. Ever. So that was special. But Elliot's settled in now, and the house is quieter than it used to be. There are people he wants to see again, and a very important matter he must take care of. That's why, after all this time, he finally turns to his journal.]

I guess I'm back. [He doesn't sound thrilled about it, but that's no surprise.] But Vincent and Leo are still gone. I wonder what makes me so damn special? Tch.

[...so maybe he's a little bitter. But the most important part of this post comes next:]

I've been here for a whole week and I still can't find my sword. It's black and has my family's crest on it. If anyone finds it, you'd better hand it over without a scratch, got it?! It's very important to me, so if there's any damage, I'm going to make you pay!
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Is there a reason the village was empty the other day? [Everyone keeps talking about a "missing day", but that's not an answer. ...not that he expects a good one.] And something else— Where do you go when you want to get away from someone?

[He doesn't bother filtering that last part. Why bother? If he wants to ragequit his house, then dammit, he will.

Kind of like today. In order to get away from the general annoyance that is his house, he is reading quietly in the tea shop. Surely no one would expect to find him there, right?!]
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[There are two boys in Luceti who don't really care about all of the new people in the village today. They just want to sit here and read. Of course, it doesn't mean they aren't a little annoyed, and Elliot will be much more vocal about his annoyance than Leo, that's for sure. It's hard to read with all of this noise.]

If all you're gonna do is complain, then maybe you should just leave.

[All of you. Residents and newcomers alike!!]
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I have books I need to get rid of— [...well. That's not right. He corrects himself.] —return. There's too many for me to carry, so I'll need help.

[Elliot, that's not a request, it's a demand. But this is Elliot Nightray—he does not and will never care. Housemates can find Elliot sorting through the books in his servant's room, trying to pile as many into a box as he can. This is going to take a while.

Others can find him hauling this stupid box of books to the library. It's especially cold today, but once again, Elliot does not care. He is getting rid of these books one way or another, dammit. It's only a small start, but he is tired of waiting.]
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[Elliot thinks that horoscopes can be interesting (secretly), but he doesn't care for these. Why should he change who he is because some prediction said so? What does he have to be paranoid about? And he'd never utter the word "love" to any of the people he lives with.]

These horoscopes are bullshit.

[His voice sounds somewhat distant, like he's not talking right to the journal, but he knows it's there. Instead, his attention is on the little white kitten that's wandered into the living room. The one that's now sitting in his lap, though the journal's camera doesn't catch that. The kitten meows loudly, and surprisingly, Elliot doesn't tell it to stop.]

At least you won't hate me.

[Of course, he doesn't realize that what he's doing and what he's saying might be just a little weird. But do you really want to be the one to tell him that?]